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Alexandre Estereiro Nascimento - Writer - Fantastic Literature

Alexandre Estereiro Nascimento, began his career as a publicist and illustrator. Over time, went on to create his own characters and write stories. With the published book "The Legend of Knight Kbyte" gifted readers of all ages with an exciting and creative adventure. Now launches the series of books "Letícia". And we can wait! New adventures are coming ...



Alexandre Estereiro Nascimento - Autor - Escritor

Books from the Author  

Letícia e os Medalhões de Lungore Letícia e o Cristal de Naranda Letícia e a Arca dos Sete Poderes

Letícia e a Fonte de Léon Livro SAM O Caçador




Amelia J. Bailie  -  Writer  -  Fantastic Literature

Amelia J. Bailie was born in England in 1979, and moved to the United States during her childhood. She grew up in San Francisco. Her father was an employee of a screw factory, while her mother was a housewife. Some years later, and for personal reasons, the family chose to live in New York. When she was 19 and was working at a small bookstore, she began writing. Now she lives in England with her husband and two daughters.



Books from the Author  

O Farol de Wolfwick - Livro


Letícia e os Medalhões de Lungore - Livro1

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