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Letícia and the Ark of the Seven Powers - Book 3

Letícia e a Arca dos Sete Poderes - Livro 3

The Ark of Noah, lost milleniums ago at the bowes of Ararat Mount, proves to be one of the most inhospitable places that keep the medallions of Lungore, and Letícia, once again, share with your friends a difficult and dangerous mission to rescue them.

But they are not alone in this journey to the decade of 30 at the lands of Turkey. Enemies resurface in search of the most powerful magic of all time.

A new adventure, that reveals mysterys long -forgotten

The search for a missing friend and new allies mark this time travel, in which a power beyond human comprehension in great danger, is threatened by the forces of darkness.

The seven powers of the ark must be revealed and for this, the good and evil must be present.


 Author: Alexandre Estereiro Nascimento

 ISBN: 978-85-65304-02-3 - Fantasy / Fantastic Literature

Leticia_e_os_Medalhoes_de_Lungore O-Farol-de-Wolfwick S_A_M_Livros Trobel_Dimbar_O_Cacador_Livro Leticia_e_o_Cristal_de_Naranda Leticia_e_a_Arca_dos_Sete_Poderes Leticia_e_a_Fonte_de_Leon



Letícia e a Arca dos Sete Poderes - Livro 3

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