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Letícia and the Fountain of León - Book 4

Letícia e a Fonte de León - Livro 4

It is time for the Inverness Games, which only occur every thousand years, in Scotland, the home of the whole Leflim race.

Angus MacGregor is summoned to participate of the competitions, but he will not be alone. Leticia, Nick, Laila and all his friends, depart with the grumpy Leflim to the tournament that would lead to dire consequences, both for humans and for the Leflins present there.

The mystery is released and Leticia will have to unveil who, among those present, had plotted a great atrocity that will result in the death of one of the most beloved people of the heiress of magic.

Dangers as the Loch Ness monster and a diabolical plot, surround this magical adventure and bring to the surface memories long forgotten, leading to a race in search of fantastic myths such as the Fountain of Youth and the Elixir of Life.


 Author: Alexandre Estereiro Nascimento

 Fantasy / Fantastic Literature

Leticia_e_os_Medalhoes_de_Lungore O-Farol-de-Wolfwick S_A_M_Livros Trobel_Dimbar_O_Cacador_Livro Leticia_e_o_Cristal_de_Naranda Leticia_e_a_Arca_dos_Sete_Poderes Leticia_e_a_Fonte_de_Leon



Letícia e a Fonte de León - Livro 4

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