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Letícia and the Naranda’s Crystal - Book 2

Letícia e o Cristal de Naranda - Livro2

The search continues! Now, beyond traveling in time on purpose to find the magic medallions of Lungore, Letícia must know how to use them.

The power is released! And the surveys of a leflim, Angus MacGregor, lead her and her friends, Nick and Laila, to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

There is a milenar power in shape of Naranda’s Crystal, protected by the Nurzia Mermaids and threatened by their greatest enemy, Galankor Zephiro.

Unimaginable danger wait for them on the expedition to the submerged city of Naranda, but fortunately, Letícia counts with the collaboration of the captain Cornélius Van Drebbel and his fantastic submarine, Argo, the only capable to reach that profundity.

Surprised by the past of the wizard Lungore Labor and a unexpected end that will lead one of Letícia’s friends through a hard decision, that will change the course of their lives.


 Author: Alexandre Estereiro Nascimento

 ISBN: 978-85-65304-01-6 - Fantasy / Fantastic Literature

Leticia_e_os_Medalhoes_de_Lungore O-Farol-de-Wolfwick S_A_M_Livros Trobel_Dimbar_O_Cacador_Livro Leticia_e_o_Cristal_de_Naranda Leticia_e_a_Arca_dos_Sete_Poderes Leticia_e_a_Fonte_de_Leon



Letícia e o Cristal de Naranda - Livro 2

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