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Letícia and The Medallions of Lungore - Book 1

Letícia e os Medalhões de Lungore - Livro1

Leticia’s world have never been the same since her unusual meeting with the mysterious Mrs. Ventriglio.
 Alongside her friends, Nick and Laila, and a new companion, a dog called Cochinha, Leticia finds out the secrets and magic of the medallions of Lungore.
 And then receives the misson of finding all Lungore’s medallions scattered by the wizard around the world, in order to avoid that Galankor, a malignant alchemist, take this magnificent power to use them for evil purposes.
 With help of magical equipment created by Lungore Labor, a powerful wizard who lived in the XVIII century, Leticia and her friends start their journey not only through land travel, but through time travel as well, in serch of the medallions.
 Historical figures, mummys, egyptian tombs, old Italy castles and unimaginable creatures are part of the stunning scenery of the first adventures of the girl in order to protect the magic essence of the great wizard Lungore.
 Intriguing characters, as the Leflim Angus, rowdy and hilarious, help Leticia to track the medallions and on the preparation of the fascinating journeys.
 Mysterys to be revealed and surprising revelations from the wizard’s history, that sacrificed his own life, in favor of a greater goof, make the journey full of magic, emotion and thriller, where the past and present meet, making the future uncertain in the life of these characters.

 Author: Alexandre Estereiro Nascimento

 ISBN: 978-85-65304-00-9 - Fantasy / Fantastic Literature

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Letícia e os Medalhões de Lungore - Livro 1

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