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Suspense e Terror

The Beacon of Wolfwick

O Farol de Wolfwick

After a disturbed divorce, Lindsay is looking for a quiet place to start writing your next book. And nothing seemed more conducive than buying the old lighthouse Wolfwick, a town of few inhabitants on the outskirts of England.
 The Lighthouse, that in principle, would be a refuge from their problems and the light that would show the safest way to her new life, becomes the reflection of all she had lost and her biggest nightmare.
 The Beacon of Wolfwick, of author Amelia J. Bailie, is a book full of romance, suspense and action that will keep readers attached to till the last page.



 Author: Amelia J. Bailie


Leticia_e_os_Medalhoes_de_Lungore O-Farol-de-Wolfwick S_A_M_Livros Trobel_Dimbar_O_Cacador_Livro Leticia_e_o_Cristal_de_Naranda Leticia_e_a_Arca_dos_Sete_Poderes Leticia_e_a_Fonte_de_Leon



O Farol de Wolfwick

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